Pure'ity™ hypo-allergenic shampoos and conditioners. Pure'ity™ creates products that make your hair look beautiful—and your body feel wonderful.

Pure'ity shampoos and conditioners are gentle to your hair, and to you, because they don't contain the harsh, allergy-causing chemicals found in most salon hair care products. So you feel as good as you look!

Choose from four hypo-allergenic Products that your hair and body will love!

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Pureity Conditioner Citrus -8 oz

Pureity Conditioner Citrus -8 oz

Pure'ity Conditioner Citrus. Ideal for moisturizing and detangling your hair, it helps to lock in shine, and restore your hair's natural oils, leaving your hair easier to manage and style.
$14.00  $13.00

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